Hi there.  Call me Scott.

My Work

I believe that a photograph can change the world.

You've probably heard that, or something similar, in the context of some grand, ambitious ideal.  But I'm addressing something much more intimate, in my opinion, with a more immediate and practical impact. 

My own experience has taught me to see that everything flows between action and stillness from one moment to the next.  Expressions change.  Light changes.  Positions, moods, angles, the very air around us, all change. 

There is power in an image to interrupt that flow and to memorialize what might otherwise have been only fleeting in time. Even the quickest and most humble instant, perhaps nearly imperceptible and possibly missed entirely if not for having been caught in-camera - content to express itself in the time it takes only to blink - now becomes permanently fixed, immortal, iconic.

And so, for anyone who views it, the image of that moment remains in the world. And so, in an instant, the world is changed.

What that means for my work is that it's my job to find moments that matter to the people I'm shooting for.  Perhaps even more important than being a practical representation of a subject, a photograph has the potential to catalyze a subjective story within the viewer.  A good photograph can bridge the gap between what the eye sees and what the heart feels.  If there’s such a thing as a default mode of expression for me as a photographer, it’s to seek those moments in whatever context I shoot.


I’m an internationally published commercial photographer with a decade and a half of experience working with professionals in interior design, architecture, portraits, profiles and live events.  Long before I decided to make a living at it, I was a kid in the early 1970s with a camera always in my hands, inspired by my mother’s photography.  Remember Fotomat?  I was always picking up developed film rolls from my Instamatic at one of those funny little yellow-roofed huts.

I spent my formative years in New York and Chicago, and I've lived and worked as an adult in both places as well as in Denver and Los Angeles.  I like to think that criss-crossing the country through four different time zones - including over a decade of that on a motorcycle - has had a broadening effect on my perspective.  I don't suppose I'd be much of an imagemaker if I'd never ventured much beyond my own backyard.  Literally or figuratively, either way.

Have camera, will travel. Available for projects and assignments worldwide.  Currently residing (again) just north of Chicago, IL.

Select Client List

  • Merkle, Inc / dentsu
  • GoDaddy, Inc
  • Ernst & Young
  • Bank of America Chicago Marathon
  • Nassau Community College
  • HX: The Hotel Experience
  • Deloitte
  • ComplySci
  • Jazz Institute of Chicago
  • Financial Times
  • Context Summits
  • Bluestar Alliance
  • Dress For Success, NYC
  • Phaidon Press - Wallpaper* City Guides
  • St. John’s Preparatory High School
    • Eastern Accents
    • e.x.p.japon
    • Association of Italian-American Educators
    • Advantage Design Group
    • Hofstra University
    • Incanto Productions
    • Kristen Childs Design
  • Interior Design Society
  • Foundation For Human Potential
  • Garfield Realty
  • Coldwell Banker
  • Corcoran Group
  • Halstead Property
  • ART QA Magazine
  • Judson Interiors
  • Praise from Clients

    "A lot of fun and easy to collaborate with."

    "Creative, patient and a gentleman."

    "You have a way of making a person feel completely relaxed."

    "You are a true pro."

    "Exactly what I was thinking."

    "Exactly what we were looking for."

    "Thank you so much, the end result is truly awesome."

    "When our website designer is happy, so are we!"

    "You are great at catching the true essence of people."

    "It's great for the soul to see yourself in a photo that captures your true essence."

    "You bring joy to so many families."

    "You make people love their family a little bit more with every shot."

    "I can't thank you enough for your amazing energy on our special day."

    "We continue to talk about how dope you were!"

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